I didn't choose my family you know. However you could have chosen not to accept me since the start. You always had the choice so why ? I could have an answer to that. You loved my mom so much that you agreed to bear with her two babies. Everybody knows how perfect your life is as a baby and a child. You don't see all the bad things around you, the lies, the manipulation and the abuse. I guess when I start to be a little to much more complicated for you, so you decided to make me pay. I'm sorry you wasted all those years raising me for the love of my mom. I refused to see how wrong it was because you know, my father forsaken me. You were there, you know every bit of this story. Still, you decided to turn that against me. I wanted you to be the father I've never had. To be considered your daughter. I thought so until I was old enough to understand.

My only utility in this house was to be your punchinb balls and your babysitter. I almost forget, your cleaner too. A hard day at rock ? It's okay insult me, laugh at me. I can take that because I am your daughter right ? You need someone to take care of the kids ? It's okay I'm here I can do my homework at the same time. I can take care of that because I'm their big sister right ? You want the house to be clean when you come late from the work. I understand, I don't like when it's dirty either. I will take care of that because I'm the only one old enough for that right ? Now, their age is not the problem anymore. I do everything you tell me to. So why am I still you punching balls ? Why don't they help me a little bit ? Why is it okay for them to make mistakes, but not me ? Oh...right, there are your children.

Despite everything I still convinced myself that you really loved me as your daughter. Until that day. You blew everything away knowing how fragile it was. You know when you tell someone the worst that happened to you ? More than that you witnessed it. So why did you have to make that same exact thing ? Don't you think all the years you spend telling me how fat, worthless, useless, ugly and a burden I was wasn't enough ? Don't you think the punches, the kicks and the beating wasn't enough ? Also, I'm not your slave.

I spend my entire lives shutting my mouth down because I was afraid of you. "You can tell us anything". False, you don't take the critics , you don't like to be told you're wrong and it's worst when it turns out I am right. Especially when the subject is how you raise your kids. Funny to see how you ignore me since I refused to be your slaves. Anyway, don't worry, I won't be the problem anymore. I'm leaving, you and mom. You both can say everything you want about me. I know who I am and I know that I will never be enough for you because I dont' fit in the "perfect recomposed family" picture you try to put me in. Sad to say, but I wish I will never have to see you again.