If you did not read the series and are planning on it, read at your own risk, there are going to be spoilers.

But don't worry, only some parts will contain spoilers and when they will, I will alert you on them!

Dear readers,

A few days ago I finally finished the first three books of the Selection series by Kiera Cass. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my feelings and opinions about the books.

When I finish the next two books (The Heir and The Crown), I will probably write a part two about these two.

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So let's begin with the review:



Overall, it was a good book. Just like any other book, it has its pros and cons.

The idea of the Selection is brilliant. Honestly, I do wonder what would happen if this was an actual way how the royal families would find their wifes/husbands.

Firstly, I think if I was a bit younger like 15/16, I would enjoy the book a bit more. Still, I was pleasingly surprised with the books, even though I think some parts were boring and not really important for the plot.

For me, America and Aspen were such an unlikable characters. Many times, I wanted to punch both of them. It's hard when you dislike the main character. Because of America, I didn't even want to read the Elite and the One. Luckily, I did read them!

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Maxon wasn't perfect either, but for some reason, I did fall in love with him a just little (or, a lot). I was always excited the most about the chapters he was in. Honestly, he did surprise me a lot. I expected him to be a completely different person.

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I really liked Marlee, she was an interesting character...when we found out the reason why she isn't in love with Maxon was because she was already in love with Carter, god, I didn't not expect that at all. I thought she had a boyfriend back home or something like that.

God, what the King did to Carter and Marlee..At first I was so worried he would kill them. I wanted to cry so much, but was so happy when she was still in the palace, happy with Carter, thanks to Maxon.

Celeste always made the plot interesting. And let's be honest, I couldn't stand her for so long. I thought she was just an arrogant bitch, but as always, it turns out she was so much more. I began to love her, she was becoming one of my favorite characters...and then it happened. Those last pages were the most stressful, painful pages from all of the books.

The deaths of Celeste and the Queen were so unexpected. I'm still sad about it, to be honest. I didn't felt sorry about the King at all. I hated him so much.

What was disappointing for me was that we didn't even found out who else from the Selection had died. America just mentioned that not everyone had survived, but there were no mentions of the victims, even if they weren't important characters, we as readers deserved to know.

Gosh, this turned out into way longer article than I had planned! Hopefully, you didn't mind the length of this article and enjoyed my review and maybe even agreed with me about something.