Hi everyone! I'm really sorry I haven't been posting a lot for the past 5 months...I've been on hiatus for a while because I haven't been catching ideas for my blog and also I had some small personal issues. However, I'm back yay! And I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation. My summer has been alright. I'm going to college to earn more credits for my degree! It's been pretty boring since I don't talk to anyone around campus or anything. Summer semester last year was a bit more fun compared to this year. Hopefully, this fall semester is a bit more fun...well..no cuz its college and all. But, what I mean is I hope I make new friends and get out of my anti-social bubble. Being an adult is still suckiesh I'm just trying to live with it and go through it. Anyways I'm going to catch some ideas on what to write on my next article! I hope everyone is having a great day and it's great to be back on We Heart It! Bye, everyone! :)