hi guyys!
so I've been reeaally obsessed with skam for a while now. my friend has been a fan of it for a long time and I gave it a chance and it was actually a lot better than I expected it to be! so I wanted to make a tag out of it!

here's my friend's skam tag which you should go and check out:

favorite character

skam and noora image skam, even, and isak image
noora and even, bc they both have a lot of attitude

favorite couple

girl, boy, and serial image skam, love, and couple image
noora and william, bc their love story was the most interesting and I loved their chemistry

favorite squad

skam, noora, and eva image
the girl squad, bc I could feel the trust they have for each other

favorite episode

skam, noora, and william image
season 2 episode 5

which character deserved their own season

skam, even, and henrik holm image
even, bc I wanted to know more about his life with a mental illness

favorite moment

skam, noora, and quotes image
when noora embarrassed william right to his face

whose friend would you like to be

icon, skam, and sana image girl, girls, and smile image
sana and chris

character you disliked

Image removed

character you feel is underrated

aesthetic, skam aesthetic, and boy image
jonas, I mean he wasn't the best character but I really enjoyed his friendship with Isak !!

thanks for reading <3