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most of you will know the struggle. Your wardrobe is overflowing but in spite of this, you don't know what to wear. In this article, I want to show you seven outfits for the summertime.


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In the summertime, I like to wear a cute skirt and top. I pair this with some statement earrings and some black sandals.
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I love these striped pants in every design. You can dress them down with a pair of trainers or dress it up with some hot sandals.


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This outfit is super simple and so versatile. Just pick your favorite pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt and you're ready to go. Some cute accessories make your outfit complete.
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On a chilly day, I pick some denim shorts and a sweater that keeps me warm. The perfect shoes to this outfit are some white sneakers.
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Some of my favorite fashion pieces in the summer are flattering dresses. They're so easy and quick to style. A special accessory is a belt, like in this picture.


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Another outfit idea is to pair denim shorts with a cute blouse. To go on a little shopping tour take a little backpack and put on some matching espadrilles.
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For a date night, I like to wear a maxi dress. It's super cute and it goes with flats as well as with sandals.

That's it for today. I hope you got some inspiration. For more check out my collections.

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