The Poa or Polka dots print became known and peaked between the 1950s and 1960s in productions representing the romanticism and femininity of pin-up girls. However, it is not news that this print is back and is the darling print of fashionistas, both here in Brazil and around the world. This pattern is not restricted to girlie style compositions, as many people think, depending on how you set up your production it can look very fashionable. The trick is to balance well-fitting accessories with more up-to-date, stripped-down pieces so you don't look like you're lost in time, okay? To help you out, I have separated 8, not obvious, tips on how you can use this pattern and rock this season. Let's go together?

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.1 Poa with poa? Yes!

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Betting on sets of the same pattern has no mistake. Blazers and tailoring pants lined with sneakers form a perfect high-low.

.2 Poa + jump = mood chic

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The polka dot dress with differentiated modeling complemented with heels is the perfect combination for a chic look without leaving the mood fashion aside.

.3 Print Mix

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Poá allows combinations, rock the mix'n match and other patterns and textures such as animal print, stripes, floral, plaid, wool, lace and sequins to ensure a look with lots of fashion information.

.4 Poa Dress + Sneakers or Boot

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This combination turns the dress that had everything to be more romantic into a boho or sporty production.

.5 Skirt + Tshirt

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The polka skirt may look simple but when you put it together with a t-shirt and the right accessories like sneakers, boots, jackets, scarves and tiaras you get a stylish and urban look.

.6 Straw + Dust Accessories

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Wear straw accessories for the most tropical, stripped down, regional mood without looking messy.

.7 Polka dot + Mom jeans

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The union of mom jeans, whether pants or skirt, with the print reinforces the vintage mood and even creates a mix of super fashion and youthful trends.

.8 Poá + Cor

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Combining with a strong color in accessories or clothing is a classic and always looks elegant.

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Rayná Gomes
Rayná Gomes