Dear you,
I know it's hard to get up early in the morning, specially during summer, when you could sleep until midday, but come on, we all have our life and our duties, plus, don't you feel more motivated to do something that you don't really like, if you have a deadline?
This article (I hope) will help you, suggesting you a strategy to apply on your morning's schedule.
I assure it'll make things easier and it'll make you gain more free time, trust me :)

Let's plan!

I suggest to make your morning plan the evening before so you'll go to bed knowing everything is already planned for the next day

First step: when you get up ⏰

Before starting filling your schedule with your activities choose WHEN you want to get up from the bed and base everything on that hour. Find a good song to put as your alarm (I use Counting stars by One Republic and Another Love by Tom Odell🥰)

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Second step: activies deadline

To feel more motivated decide a deadline within you'll have to finish what you were doing. For example: Breakfast (end: 9:30), Shower (end 10) etc.
You can obviously base your durations on yourself, for example I need 10 minutes to have breakfast and about 20 to get ready. Add some "bonus minutes" to your deadlines in case of unexpected

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Third step: complete your timetable

Add all the activities you're planning to do the morning after and calculate how much time they will take you, remember this Italian popular said:"Before the duty, then the pleasure"

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To make it function you have to stick at your plans honey, don't use the phone if your timetable says "homework" and you'll see you'll have more time then to use your phone and being on social medias ;)
Let me know if this advices helped you


in case you were interested ;)