the past few days were days of reflection for me.

these reflections were about the things that I wanted to change and the things that I wanted to improve in my life... because I'm not happy about where my life is right now.

so, since it's never late to change your bad habits... I decided: why not share my journey with some people and maybe inspire some of you to make some changes if you want to.

and if I'm being honest... I just started all of these because of some articles about the subject that I read myself.

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this week I decided to focus on some things that are annoying the sh*t out of me for a couple of months.

goals for week 1.

1. workout for 1 hour, at least, 3 days a week.
2. drink 1L of water.
3. sleep 8 hours every night.
4. study at least 5 hours every day.
5. eat better and cut red meat from my diet.

these being said, I'll come back next week with some update of my habits for you. and maybe some changes.

hope this inspires you guys to make some changes about the things you don't like about your life.

love you, have a great week. ♡

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