Keep this in mind as you read through this; I have only been a fan of Kpop for less than a year. (October 10th, I think will be my one year). I won't know many groups. These are just the ones I have liked so far, and if you want to recommend me more, that'd be great! I don't listen to many girl groups so I probably won't make one from them.

Now, let's get on with listing my Top 10 Favorite Kpop Boy Groups

1. Seventeen

Seventeen, kpop, and vernon image
There are overall 13 members in this group. The guys say their name is Seventeen because "there are 13 members plus 3 units, plus 1 group, which equals 17"

I think my favorite song by Seventeen would have to be Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day. I honestly don't know why, it just, hits different, if that makes sense.

Seventeen's dances are so complex and intriguing that I love to watch them perform. Their voices are all unique and they aren't a very problematic group. I think my favorite unit is the Hip Hop Unit. I could go on and on about Seventeen. I'd say they're my ult. group, at the moment.

2. Shinee

SHINee image
Group of 5, their lead singer, Jonghyun died December 18th of 2017. He impacted many people, including myself.

My favorite song by them is Tell Me What To Do. This is mostly because one night, I was crying, while the song was on, and the lyrics "Don't Cry No More," came on, and I don't know why it made me feel a bit better. Granted I still cried.

My friend was the one who got me into Shinee, obviously, I became a fan this year. Their music is just, amazing. I wish I started to get into Kpop sooner so I could experience this. As far as I know, the members, except Lee Taemin are in the military. One of the singers, Minho, starred in one of my favorite KDrama's, Hwarang.

Again, I could go on about them, but it would take forever.

3. NCT

nct, nct u, and nct dream image
Full group picture of all the members in NCT.

Oh god, there are so many songs that I love by NCT. At the moment, my favorite song is Regular (English. Version). I am currently learning the Choreo for the Chorus, for this song.

Nct is divided into many different Sub-Units. The only sub-units I know are WayV, NCT Dream, and NCT 127. NCT Dream is going to have a comeback here soon, which everyone is hyped for. Nct in general very humble and it's refreshing to see that.

Their dances are also very complex and mesmerizing (especially the Regular Choreo). It'll take a bit of time for me to fully memorize all the group and names, but it's worth it.

4. BTS

bts, jimin, and kpop image
Group Photo Of BTS. Total of 7 members

These guys were the reason for my obsession with Kpop. You all were probably expecting this. My favorite songs by them are Lie and Euphoria. Euphoria just makes me happy and Lie makes me want to belt out the lyrics and sing my heart out. Both are very powerful songs to me. Granted all their songs are practically amazing.

The way I discovered BTS was because DOPE was on my recommended section on Youtube, so I gave them a try. Best decision of my life.

5. Monsta X

monsta x, kpop, and minhyuk image
Group Photo. Monsta X consists of 7 Members

Wonho could step on me and I'd thank him. I love this band so much. They're hilarious, humble, and overall amazing. My favorite song by them is Beautiful. I don't know why. It just kinda hits deep with me, as Euphoria does.

This group gives off a more mature vibe that I LOVE. I don't think I could rank this group any lower. They're so talented.

6. Pentagon

Image by Vernonology_
Group of 10 members, now 9 because E'dawn left.

This is a group I'm starting to get into more. I got into them because of Humph! mostly, but I have also heard their other songs. At the current moment, Humph! is my favorite song by them.

This group deserves more recognition and wins. They're incredibly talented and they truly deserve the recognition.

In case you're wondering, Wooseok is my bias

7. Ateez

twitter, jung wooyoung, and jeong yunho image
Ateez consists of 8 talented members


Anyways, Ateez is INCREDIBLY talented. But, they do need a break. They've had comeback after comeback, and they're on tour. It's starting to show that they're exhausted and I feel terrible for them.

My favorite songs by them are Say My Name and Wave. Granted, I love all their songs but those two would be my favorites. The choreographies in their MV's are so complex and mesmerizing, its amazing.

I don't listen to them much anymore, but when they come on my playlist, I don't hesitate to jam out.

8. Big Bang

daesung, gd, and group photo image
Big Bang consists of 5 members

Okay, time to get controversial. Seungri deserves to go to jail. There. I said it.

ANYWAYS, this group is amazing. They have produced bops throughout the years and they'll probably continue to do that. T.O.P has recently been discharged from the military and when I found that out I started crying. (He's my bias)

I got into this group this year and so far my favorite songs are Lets Not Fall In Love and We Like 2 party. This is a group I will be listening more to this year.

9. EXO

exo, sehun, and chanyeol image
Exo consist of 8 embers. D.O has recently gone into the military.

I swear to God Love Shot is my favorite choreo. Whenever my friend and I dance to it I always fail but it's so fun to do. I started getting into EXO the beginning of February I think. I listen to them on occasion and they're honestly a great group.

My favorite songs by them are Growl and Love Shot. I LOVE the beginning of Growl. It just makes me laugh for some reason.

Also, might I add, Chanyeol in the Monster era, is a look.

10. Block B

Image removed
Block B consists of 7 members

These guys go HARD when it comes to music. Especially in Very Good. That song BY FAR is my favorite. It makes me headbang and it just gets me energized. Especially the Rough version.

I think these guys are in the military at the current moment. But hopefully, when they get out they'll continue to produce music.


AHHHHHH That was all of my top 10 groups. Should I do more of these? This was my first article and I want to continue them.

Anyways have a good day or night. <3