Part 2 of Twilight cast Then & Now - Enjoy

Sam Uley
Played by Chaske Spencer

The Quileute Pack

twilight image
Then, 2009
new moon, sam uley, and men image
Most recent Picture, 2018

Paul Lahote
Played by Alex Meraz

Image removed
twilight saga, paul, and alex meraz image
Can't Find any recent Pics on here

Embry Call
Played by Kiowa Gordan

embry, Hot, and twilight saga image
Then, 2009
actor, new moon, and man image
Now, 2019

Quil Ateara
Played by Tyson Houseman

Image removed
Then, 2009
Image removed
There is no recent Pic so enjoy this hotness

Jared Cameron
Played by Bronson Pelletier

twilight, werewolf, and wolf pack image
Then, 2009
Image removed
There is no recent for him either, i think there all in hiding or something.

Leah Clearwater
Played by Julia Jones

wolf pack, breaking dawn part 1, and quileute pack image
Then, 2009
pretty, julia jones, and girl image
Now, 2019

Seth Clearwater
Played by Booboo Stewart

characters and twilight image
Then, 2009
actor, handsome, and tumblr image
Now, 2019

Harry Clearwater
Played by Graham Greene

twilight, harry clearwater, and very famous image
Then, 2009
black, emily, and fire image
No recent pictures

Billy Black
Played by Gil Birmingham

Image removed
Then, 2009
rock n roll and gil birmingham image
Most Recent Picture

Emily Young
Played by Tinsel Korey

Image by Nicole Croce
Then, 2009
fashion, photography, and tinsel korey image
Most Recent, 2012


Played by Micheal Sheen

breaking dawn, gif, and aro image
Then, 2012
aziraphale, good omens, and michael sheen image
Now, 2019

Played by Jamie Campbell Bower

saga crepúsculo, volturis, and caius volturi image
Then, 2012
Jamie Campbell Bower, jamie, and boy image
Now, 2019

Played by Christopher Heyerdahl

volturis, saga crepúsculo, and marcus volturi image
Then, 2010
demon, supernatural, and alastair image
Most Recent 2016

Played by Daniel Cudmore

volturis, saga crepúsculo, and felix volturi image
Then, 2011
lincoln, daniel, and outlaws image
Most Recent

Played by Charlie Bewley

Image removed
Then, 2011
boy, Hot, and charlie bewley image
Now 2016

Played by Dakota Flanning

twilight, newmoon, and janevolturi image
Then, 2011
dakota fanning, blonde, and gif image
Now, 2019

Played by Cameron Bright

volturis, saga crepúsculo, and alec volturi image
Then, 2012
Image by In the eye abides the ℋeart▷
Most Recent

Sorry that not all Then & Now photos are there i cant find any recent pictures on here,

Making part - 3 for bella's highschool friends and more. xoxo mOOnClouDZ

Rest in Peace Cameron Boyce, You will Definitely be missed xxx