Okay so lets start With N. This was in 5th grade, so I was probably twelve years old. N was in my parallel class, and I saw him every day. He was the popular guy, with blonde curls, and every girl had a little crush on him, included me ofc. One day where the hole school gathered garbage I drop our bag, and he picked it up for me, and I looked him in the eyes, and that was the moment I fell for him. We had a little thing on and off for like a year, but then suddenly out of nowhere he dumped me. He said this "I dont like you anymore, but you're still hot" and that was when I realized he was a player, and I didn't want to waste more time on him.
So like 2 years after this, we had a little thing again. Now he had grown up, and actually was a really sweet guy. But one of my best friend had a thing with him before that, and she stilled liked him, so I decided that friendships was more important then guys, so I said to him that I wouldn't work out. Now we're just friends, and that working really great.

Next one is M. He was and still is my biggest love and I was so in love with him, that I can't even explain it. It all started in 6th grade. We had some classes together, and he was actually together with my best friend. Back then we was just friends ofc, and I didn't have feelings for him. He was my best friend, and I could tell him everything. One day he said to me that he was going to break up with my friend (we just call her R) and so he did. She wasn't in love with him either, so it didn't hurt her. Now they weren't together anymore, and I could feel that I was getting more and more interested in him. I asked my friend if I was okay, and she said it was fine.
So me and M had a thing, but he began to change, and started losing interest in me. One day I found out he had a thing with me and a other girl, so I confronted him, and he said that he had never had feelings for me, and that he just had played me. We stopped talking from that moment, and I tried for months to get over him, and I finally did. We still go to school together, but we are like strangers to each other, but it's still hard to see him with other girls.

The next is V. Me and V was in the same class in first grade, but he should take a ekstra year, I dont know why.
So v was in the classes under me. We started talking again when I was in 7th grade. idk how, but we did. He was just as old as me, and was much more mature, then all of the guys in my grade. He was really tall and gave the best hugs ever. When I hugged him it was like the rest of the world disappeared, and that it was just me and him. We always texted each other, and I started falling in love with him. Lucky me he felt the same way, for a bit of time. I thought everything was good. We we're together in the breaks in school, and we talked like everyday. Suddenly he dumped me over message, because he wasn't ready to get into a relationship. I got so mad that I blocked him, and that helped me get over him. After some months I removed the block, and we talked about it all, and we started to build a friendship. Now we're really good friends, and I think its best like that.

-Now I'm just single, and im okay with that<3