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Sooo... I've decided to do another tag but related to movies cause Oh boy! do I live for a good movie scene!

I actually majored in art and cinema so movies are really a passion for me.

Let's go then!

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Favorite movie

Only God Forgives

design, neon, and movies image dark, red, and girl image red, only god forgives, and blue image ryan gosling, grunge, and movie image
I'm in love with this movie and it's not even because of Ryan Gosling. The use of the colours, the story telling, the building up of the violence and then the explosion... Truly beautiful.

Last movie I watched

The Pianist

the pianist movie, movie movies film, and filming films night image the pianist image aesthetic, movies, and pianist image movies image
It's such an emotional movie. Everyone should watch it at least once, it details the condition of life of the jews in Warsow during WWII.

Guilty pleasure one


alexander, movie, and colin farrel image alexander, jared leto, and movie image
Ok first I really like the story of Alexander the Great. But yeah I love this movie I've watched it so much that I know by heart some parts.

Favorite classic movie

Rebel without a cause

james dean image rebel without a cause image
James Dean. That's it, that's the movie. No, but it's really a classic movie about the youth testing their limits and wanting to be free.

Favorite romance genre movie

Romeo + Juliette

leonardo dicaprio, boy, and 90s image romeo and juliet, leonardo dicaprio, and romeo image love, romeo and juliet, and leonardo dicaprio image Image by Divine Queen
I love Shakespeare especially Romeo and Juliet and I love colourful movies so Baz Lurhman nailed it. Plus who can say no to young Leo?

Favorite childhood movie

Howl's Moving Castle

Mature image anime, colors, and gif image howl's moving castle, anime, and studio ghibli image anime, howl's moving castle, and studio ghibli image
Fell in love with it the first time, still, feel the same today. Ghibli knows how to make beautiful movies.

Movie I dislike

Interview with a vampire

vampire, brad pitt, and Interview with the Vampire image Interview with the Vampire, lestat, and anne rice image
overall just a bad movie

Actors I like

art, beautiful boy, and cinema image eddie redmayne image Image removed meryl streep, actress, and black and white image
Timothé Chalamet, Eddie Redmayne, Sarah Paulson and the immensely talented Meryl Streep. No bad movies with them.

Movie that left me with mixed feelings

The Riot Club

gif, leighton, and the riot club image gif and the riot club image
it's good but I can't say that I like it. It left me with a bad taste in the mouth. it does a good job of showing the elite club of the youth in England and how nothing matters to them except themselves.

Favorite soundtrack

Billy Elliot

boy, ballet, and movie image Billy Elliot image Temporarily removed ballet, boy, and Billy Elliot image
The movie is one of my favourites but just listen to the soundtrack and in no time you'll find yourself dancing around. T-rex music is amazing!

Movie of the year I was born

Toy Story

disney, pixar, and toy story image
hell yeah

Favorite director

Image by idk moonrise kingdom, movie, and wes anderson image drive, ryan gosling, and nicolas winding refn image movie, nicolas winding refn, and the neon demon image
Wes Anderson & Nicolas Winding Refn are definitely my favs especially because of the way they use colours, and how aesthetically pleasing everything is in their movies. And the stories are always good. Refn plays a lot with violence so it's not for everyone. If you didn't like Drive you won't like his movies.

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That's the end. I hope you liked it and maybe you discovered some films that might interest you.

I'm planning on doing another movie tag but this time specifically on French Cinema since I'm French. Let me know if that would interest you :)

Bye bye luv x