hello there (general kenobi)!

i came across a few of these #thisismechallenge articles here on weheartit, so i wanted to try it out for myself as well!

feel free to use my template; i mixed & matched these subjects from other articles to create my own list of subjects :)


dark, green, and grunge image asian, boy, and fashion image black, fashion, and girl image cute image
my eyes have green + brown central heterochromia / red short hair with an undercut / people call me tall, though i'm 176 cm or 5'9" / fairly pale skin


fashion, outfit, and style image clothes, clothing, and fashion image Image by Minni girl, girls, and stylish image
i love short sleeved button ups / oversized hoodies for days! / these black sock-like sneakers are my go-to these days


tumblr, words, and yellow image reaction image funny, idol, and kpop image quotes, words, and life image
i usually don't take initiative in new social situations / i'm very laid-back but also shy and anxious / i'm the wine mom; i like to follow from the side and throw in quirky remarks / independent!


open source, web development, and php development image airplane, airport, and nature image makeup remover, etsy, and romantic gifts image rose, minimaliste, and art image
coding & programming / traveling / skincare / all forms of art; music, writing, painting, aesthetics, dancing...


Inspiring Image on We Heart It school, book, and student image couple, love, and boy image hands, headphones, and music image
coffee and cigarettes / college, about to graduate soon! / spending time with family and friends / and everything above with music!


Image removed area 51 and meme image jhope, bts, and hoseok image meme image
vine & tik tok references for days / dank doodle memes / kpop artists with fake subtitles ahaha / this


funny, meme, and mood image blue, equality, and gay image quotes, aesthetic, and social media image Mature image
tea? spilled. wig? snatched. mic? dropped. hotel? trivago.


alive, happiness, and positivity image Image by malitetto ulzzang, boy, and aesthetic image rainbow, wallpaper, and quotes image
finding myself! / my own apartment / getting more confident and happy with myself / being more positive and optimistic <3


karma, quotes, and deadline image Mature image quotes, yellow, and yesterday image Image removed


flowers, theme, and orange image eyes, aesthetic, and eye image photography, girl, and aesthetic image couple, retro, and shoes image
neutral, warm tones


dog, animal, and pet image dog, animal, and cute image dog, cute, and animal image dog, animal, and cute image
dog. i love dogs.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It black panther, Marvel, and art image film image anime, chihiro, and spirited away image
the perks of being a wallflower / black panther / midsommar / spirited away


felix, han, and seungmin image Image removed music, jon bellion, and guy image Image removed
stray kids / bts / jon bellion / kygo

thank you for reading! <3