this is the part.2 of my last article :

in this part, i'll focus more on how beauty standards reflect the inequalities of our society.

1. overpriced .

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have you noticed how expensive beauty products are ? clothes considered as trendy are ? everything to reach beauty norms is expensive af.

it's because you don't pay for the quality of a product anymore, you pay for its prestige. the most luxurious brands will be considered as the epitome of beauty, the pure sense of fashion and style and therefore will set the norms of beauty.

only the rich can afford these products. the lower classes can only try to follow them.
even on this website : when you search for beauty, you'll see expensive jewels, clothes, cars,... luxury is associated with beauty.
people can spend soooo much money just to fit the standards (from plastic surgery to wardrobe with enough clothes to dress 10 people..). beauty became a privilege some can't afford.

2. capitalism.

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"you want to get a perfect skin, 100% flawless ? well buy these 10 products to get it rn".
i feel like we're pushed to thing that we can buy beauty, that spending money will make us beautiful. it is partly true, yes you can fill the standards with money and some work, but for most people it won't work or it's too expensive.

capitalism would sell you anything, and of course, beauty is included.
some will try to make you buy anything and everything, making you feel like you'll finally be pretty as soon as you get them.
influencers, for example, are usually fitting the beauty standards and become marketing products or sellers. they'd show you their money and influence you to buy products to look just like them.

3. classism/ racism/ ageism.

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just like our society, beauty standard are ruled by inequalities between people and the division of people into groups, in order to build a hierarchy.

-classism : discrimination based on social classes.
-racism : discrimination based on skin color and ethnicity
-ageism : discrimination based on the age.

through beauty standards, people from certain classes, ethnicities and age are rejected by the society because they're not "fitting in". these three are linked with privileges, as beauty is also a way for the upper classes to assert their power to lower classes.

i found this really good thesis which explains it much much better if you're interested and got time :

4. conclusion.

i feel like this article is quite messy, but i wanted to talk a bit about how beauty standards are linked with the social inequalities. i wanted to talk a bit about beauty standards which ruin so many people's confidence and self-love.
i would highly recommend you to make some research yourself about the whole subject because there's so much more than what i said in two articles. and once you understand the dynamics of beauty norms, you understand you shitty they are and rejecting them is much easier.

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take care, love u <3

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