it's over, I stopped letting you come back every time after you leave! i am not going to beg you to stay because all you do is hurt my feelings, you're so good at leaving and if you want to be gone so bad then this time you can damn well stay gone.
i deserve better, i need better and i want better, that's what i deserve and if you can't be that it's okay because this relationship is not healthy, it's killing my mentality and i feel left alone all the time and this is not love, love is supposed to be amazing and like nothing else and if you can't take care of my heart i'll do it! i need to start taking care of myself, i matter, there is only one me and you've lost me.
now know and believe that what's meant to be mine is already making its way to me, and what was never mine is starting to flee from me, now it all makes sense i need to focus is living fully in the present. God let you in my life for a reason, you're a lesson i'm learning and that's it,
it's over.