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Welcome to one more article! Today I bring you an article that everyone must have seen on youtube, but almost no one should have seen it here on We Heart It! Instagram controlled my life for a day, yes ONE week! It was a very fun experience, so lets go! So hope you like it. Thanks for 5.9k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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bedroom, blonde, and morning image Image removed
  • bowl of cereal or bowl of fruit
food, aesthetic, and breakfast image fruit, aesthetic, and banana image
I asked between a bowl of cereal or a bowl of fruit. I honestly preferred the cereal bowl, but my dear followers decided it would be the fruit bowl.
  • workout or yoga
fitness, workout, and work out image fitness, yoga, and body image
In the morning, I like to exercise so I asked which one they preferred, they chose physical exercise, thank god because I don't have much practice in yoga.
  • watch a movie or clean my bedroom
autumn, pumpkin, and fall image home, bedroom, and design image
They chose, watch a movie, so I decided to review Joy!
  • bolognese pasta or salmon with rice
eat, food, and pasta image dinner, meal, and baked salmon image
To finish the morning I asked what I would do for lunch, bolognese pasta or salmon with rice. Happily, they chose the pasta.


  • Sunbathe or watch a series
beach, sunbathing, and tan image riverdale, food, and series image
They choose sunbathe, unfornately hahaha
  • take a walk for nature or paint something
background, girl, and inspiration image art, watercolor, and arthoe image
They were two things I didn't mind doing, but they chose to walk in nature, I live very close to a forest, so it's great to walk there!
  • take care of myself or spend time on my phone
girl, black and white, and bath image Image removed
To close my afternoon i ask for spending time on my phone or do a mask. They choose take care of myself
  • pasta with vegetables or barbacue
food, pasta, and delicious image delicious, foodie, and vegetables image
I decided to surprise my parents and make dinner! I asked in my stories if it was better to make pasta with vegetables and meat or barbecue! They chose barbacue


  • talk with my family or play a game with them
family, love, and kids image bride, family, and happy image
my dear friends choose play a game with my family
  • listen to music or read a book
disco, vintage, and gif image dark academia image
they know me so well that the choose reak a book, like i love music, but books are my life.
  • After that i finish the instagram control my life! It was an experience that I loved to do, it was very funny and it made me do things I was too lazy to do!

Until next article!
All the love Jéni Xx