I still remember you. As clear as the priest remember all the prayers. I also remember your words, feelings, promisses and the tone of your voice. Also remember that silent breathing when you lose and fall asleep first. I remember everything and that's probably not without a reason.
And I can't get that out of my mind. Just like that priest won't ever forget his religion, won't forget his vocation, just like me, because my vocation is you.

And if you're still here, don't forget, I'll come back. Tomorrow, the day after or maybe on Tuesday. Or maybe on your birthday.

And I could bet that I won't ever forget your whisper, which was making me to crave to be yours. Which helped you to prove me that there is a light in every darkness, just in a different form. And that light was you, you make me feel so important to you so often.

-You know it
-What do I know?
-That you're important not without a reason

and you. still. not without a reason.