Hey guys.
Its been a while since last post, so here you go.

Favorite summer trend?
Hmmmm I don't know, maybe cute skirts with a crop top

cute girl, fashion, and fashionista image clothing, fashion, and style image Image removed fashion, necklace, and outfits image

Bikini or swimsuit?
definitely bikini

aesthetic, bikini, and chanel image Image by 𝔏

Sunglasses or hats?
I can't choose

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Beach or pool?
Pool, but I like the beach too

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Top 3 summer essentials?
Ice coffee, a book and a bikini

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What do you do on a boring day?
Bingewatch a serie on netlix

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What is something you hate about summer?
When all my friends is on vacation, and I am all alone

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One place you want to visit?

beach, summer, and sea image playa, vacaciones, and belleza image Maldives, blue, and paradise image ocean, resort, and summer image

Bonfire or the beach?
A bonfire on a beach could be great

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Favorite person to be with?
My best friends, and my family.

Image by 𝐀𝐯𝐢𝟎𝟓𝟎𝟖 friends, girl, and friendship image

Favorite meal?
Hmmm I like to eat salad when its summer

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Favorite snacks?
Watermelon and ice coffee

watermelon, summer, and food image FRUiTS and yummy image coffee, drink, and food image coffee, drink, and iced coffee image

Ice cream or sorbet?
Ice cream

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Thats all for now. Hope you guys like it.
Credit to @brethinbreathin for the questions.