Yesterday I wrote an article detailing my dream life while I was writing it I thought should do another article going in more depths on certain things that I want in my life. So when I saw two articles

which inspired me to make my next article in continuation of my dream life article.


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Kitchen and Pantry

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As part of a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle having a low waste kitchen and pantry is important. Even though I used quite perfect and picturesque pictures of low waste and I do not that this is the reality they are just supposed to symbolise that I want to lead that lifestyle.


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Living Room

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Working Space

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Low waste is also something that is important for the bathroom which is why I would like the appliances to be second hand or made from reclaimed material. Also, there are quite a few low waste swaps for day to day necessities such as toothbrushes and shampoos.


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Thanks for reading and keep on the lookout for more articles surrounding sustainability and low waste.
See you soon Bella