Thank you for clicking on this article, it means the world to me. Today I'm going to tell you some things about me because I feel that we should connect a little bit more.
Feel free to message me on WHI, I always like to talk and make new friends.
By the way, this idea is NOT original. I've seen it so many times, hopefully, it won't bother you.

1. What are you most excited about these days?
Eating cookies by my mom, I guess.

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2. What’s your favorite holiday?
The Christmas holiday.

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3. Favorite season?

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4. What is the best activity when home on a rainy day?

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5. If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be?
I would switch lives with The Queen.

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6. What is the best thing that happened this year?
Being able to finally reconnect with God.

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7. What’s your favorite country to visit?

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8. The country you wish to visit?
Well, until now I visited Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. I wish I can visit South Korea, too.

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9. What’s your favorite dessert?
I adore donuts and coconut roulade.

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10. Who is the last person you texted?
My boyfriend.

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11. Favorite lyrics?
I don't belong in the world.
But that's what it is
Something separates me from other people
Everywhere I turn
There's something blocking my escape.

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12. If you could master one instrument what would it be?

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13. What is your favorite book of all time?
Looking for Alaska.

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14. What’s your favorite sport?
Gymnastics. I even practiced it since I was 3 years old but I stopped at the age of 13. I went to many competitions and won. I keep my medals in a box as a memory.

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15. To be or not to be?
That's a tricky one, but I will choose "to be". Better stay positive.

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16. What's your favorite color?
Well, I can't choose between blue and brown. I wear these colors a lot in combination with black.

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17. How old are you?
I'm 16 now but I will be 17 on the 5th of November. I like to tell everyone I'm already 17 haha.

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18. How many languages do you know?
I'm native in Romanian, I like to believe that I'm fluent in English and I'm currently learning Korean. I can understand and talk a little bit in French. And also I can understand and talk a little bit in Hungarian because my mom is Hungarian.
I love to learn new languages as you can see.
After I'll be fluent in Korean, my next goal is to be fluent in Chinese or Spanish.

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19. What's your eye color?
Green. (my dad has green eyes as well).

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20. What type of hair do you have?
I have curly hair but I like to straighten it. Sorry.

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21. What's your dream job?
I'm thinking about being a translator (because I know so many languages and I still want to learn a lot more) or a journalist. (because I like to write articles).

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Thank you so much for your time!
We'll see each other in my next article and I hope you have a nice day.
Love you all.