name: yanagimoto ryuu

age: 22


tumblr, ulzzang, and boys korean image boys, fashion, and twitter image asian, boy, and male image asian, boy, and train image aesthetic, alternative, and asian boy image boy, ulzzang, and korean image
straight, black hair. honey skin. tall and slender. wide shoulders. brown eyes, and long lashes.


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a bit childish. sarcastic. a big, big procrastinator. hoes before bros. has anxiety. an ambivert, does better socially if he's surrounded by friends. passionate about the things he likes to do. a night owl, he doesn't go out, but he can stay up all night watching anime or reading manga.


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lots of hoodies and plain black t-shirts. all kinds of shirts with black ripped jeans. graphic tees with regular denim pants. in winter, he likes long coats or just black jackets.

music taste:

dpr live, kpop, and music image motivation, quote of the day, and hong dabin image j-rock and tsukiko amano image tsukiko amano image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It one ok rock, toru, and taka image ryota, one ok rock, and toru image girl, purple, and violet image fire, girl, and mujer image twice and nayeon image kpop, twice, and kpop theme image
dpr live, amano tsukiko, billie eilish, one ok rock, aimer, and his guilty pleasure are twice's japanese tracks.

ig feed:

instagram: .@ryuugimoto

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