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1. How often do you lie?

Big lies? Not often, White lies? Too often.

2. Honesty or Loyalty?

Both are important, if you are honest then you are at the same time being loyal. Telling the truth to a person wether it hurts or not is loyalty.

3. 1-10, How honest are you?

I'm going to say 8, maybe sometimes too honest.

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4. Do you always say what you really think?

Most of the time, sometimes I probably shouldn't.

5. Have you ever lied to your parents?

I always feel I can talk to my parents about anything even if they wouldn't be happy with me or it would upset them, however, when I first realised I had anxiety I couldn't be honest with myself and so I couldn't be honest with them, apart from that I'm sure there have been many little white lies.

6. Have you ever stolen anything?

Yes, a flip phone from a toy box when I was 7 and probably some sweets from the pick and mix. Didn't we all want a flip phone though?

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8. If you were someone different would you like to be friends with yourself?

I think I would, honesty is most important to me in a friendship and if I am one thing it is honest.

9. Have you ever pretended to be someones friend but you actually weren't?

Never, I don't think friendships can be faked and I can't pretend to like someone when I dont.

10. Can you keep a secret?

Always, unless its something extremely important that needs to be shared for a persons safety.

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11. Do you think you are trustworthy?

I believe I am.

12. Is it hard for you to admit that you are wrong?

Yes, but sometimes you are just wrong and you have to admit it.

13. Why is honesty important to you?

Honesty to me is the basis to everything, friendships, relationships, even the relationship you have with yourself. It is extremely hard to be honest in a lot of situations and is why I think it is the most important trait to have. To build trust you have to have honesty and to have a relationship with anyone in the world there has to be trust, so try to be honest.


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