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I really love the light and neutral colours, like: white, beige, light brown or light grey. I think they're most refined and elegant than bright colours.
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To create a more pleasant atmosphere it is nice to hung the lights on the bed or on the shelves of your room. Especially in autumn\winter, I love the effect they creates.
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I personally love soft pillows, the plush-effect ones are very beautiful. And it's fun to choose many (even of different colors), to match them together.
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I also love to take a touch of green to my room, decorating it with small and pretty plants to put on the windowsill or on my desk.
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To make your room more personalized, hang with a colorfull string or with a led lights string, some polaroids makes with your friends or parents. It can also be a nice idea to decorate an empty wall.
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I'm very fixated with perfumes. Then choose one (light or more intense, depending on your taste) to spray in your room. Or use Yankee candles, they have lots of fragrances and you will surely find the one you prefer.


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