So, what can I do?

It’s two forty-seven A.M and why I cannot sleep. Well, I’ll tell you why.
My pills to sleep are gone I don’t have anymore, and I do not know when the doctor will give me more, I feel like such an addict to them and I didn’t want end up like that, I used to go to sleep late, without them, but now after a month of been taking those pills I feel like I cannot sleep anything if I don’t take one of them, I’m so sorry about it, I would like to be a normal person. Sleeping well, having friends, going out, being happy, I mean. I used to be like that, but one day I wasn’t like that anymore
I don’t feel lonely I feel bored, I don’t have anything to do, anyone to talk, say that I don’t have anything to do, should be enough, when we are bored, we think a lot and most of the time [in my case] is about why and how is possible that I don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go and spend a good time, and it makes me feel sad and then is when I start to think too much and that isn’t any more about why I don’t have anything to do, now is about why I still here and others things that aren’t good to think about. I can go anywhere and get some fun but there is a thing called Anxiety that doesn’t even let me go outside of my bedroom, so there is my life I spend most of my time thinking, listing to music, writing in my diary, reading, I just go to the university one day a week so out of that, I stay in my bedroom bored. I really hope that your life never ever gets like mine. I mean I have my family and I love them so much I’m happy for having them, but I don't know is me always is me there is something that doesn't let me in peace

xx Lex.