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Louis William Tomlinson

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General Info.

Nicknames: Lou, Tommo, Boo Bear, cutie, shorty, Loulou, little hurricane.

Born in december 24th, 1995. Doncaster, England.

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He is a male omega.

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Louis works as an assistant in Gucci.

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He went to law school, but since he is an omega it is extremely hard for him to find a job as a lawyer.

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Current home

He lives in an apartment in London with his best friend.

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The apartment has two bedrooms with private bathroom, a living room, dinning room, kitchen and guest's bathroom.


He has a complicated family background. His mom and dad divorced when he was three years old and got married again with different people. Louis lived with his mother in London until he was six, when she moved to Scotland with his new husband. She had five daughters and a son with him.

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His father works at a multinational technology company, at the public relationships area and travels a lot, mainly to USA and Asia for long periods of time. Louis moved with him after his mother left and went on his business trips until he had sixteen. He studied in different schools in the countries where they stayed.

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His dad got married twice and Louis had three stepbrothers because of that. His dad is currently married to the daughter of the owner of the company he works for. His wife has one son, an alpha called Liam. Liam and Louis get along really well, but his stepmother's familly doesn't accept him because he is a male omega.

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Best friend

Niall is Louis' best friend. They met during the last year of high school, Niall went to London to study that year so it could be easier for him to apply for a scholarship in an english college. After they graduated high school they moved together because Louis had problems at home and Niall was already renting an apartment by himself.

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Louis is a sarcastic, smart, honest and kind omega who has trust issues and doesn't know how to react when he likes someone. He suffers from anxiety and had an eating disorder when he was younger. This little hedgehog is always worried about people around him and sacrifices a lot for them, but most people believe he is cold hearted and emotionless only because he keeps his feelings inside and never talks about the things he does for others.

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Altohugh he is a giver he is also very aware of his intelligence and gets easily bored of people because they don't stimulate him, intelctually speaking. He also hates himself deeply but believes he is better than others, a personality trait very common in lawyers. Louis never knows when to shut up, he is extremely direct and honest and can hurt people's feelings because of that. Also, he is really logical and cold headed when it comes to things like loss, death, etc.

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He deeply loves the sound of violins, sculptures, plants (mainly cactus), candles, tea and cake. Also, Lou is a massive fan of indie music, soft rock, romantic movies, football and videogames.

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Louis enjoys spending time with his friends and his mother's family. He is a very sweet and caring guy and tries to sorround himself with the ones he loves. Although he likes to have time for himself, he is used to have Niall there all the time so he feels lost whenever he doesn't have someone to rely on.

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He hates fake people, betrayal and broken promises. He doesn't understand why someone would turn their back to a friend or be a liar. Selfish, egocentric and extremely arrogant people are also something he can't stand. He also dislikes discrimination of any kind, unfairness, inequality, poverty, etc.

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As I said, Louis has really worrying trust issues when it comes to relationships. He is extremely insecure and doesn't believe someone would fall in love with him. He also has anxiety and used to have an eating disorder, both things are still present in his life and are part of the silent war he is fighting.

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Harry and Louis met because Harry almost ran over Louis with his black Audi R8 Spyder. At first the omega hated him because he made him lose control of his emotions, but slowly he realized that he felt that way because Harry was his alpha.

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Bad Habits

Louis used to smoke a lot due to his ED and anxiety and usually gets back to smoking whenever he feels too emotionally unstable.

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He wants to open or work at a very successful law firm.

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This is Lou's collection in WHI if you want to check some of the things that remind me of him.
I took many ideas of how to describe my character from this collection.