Some of you have noticed that I didn't post anything last week. I am so so sorry! I've been working like crazy even in the weekend, as I'm working 2 jobs (CRAZY). But today (Tuesday) is my day off, so I'll be writing a new blogpost for tomorrow (Wednesday). So yeah, let's get to it!

A month ago or so I read and amazing book and if you'd see the cover, I'm sure you'd say 'but that's a children's book'. Euhm, well NO it isn't and yes it might be. The book I read was Wolven by Di Toft. And I don't find it a children's book nor is it an adult's book. But anyway we will not have a discussion about this. 

Di Toft, a special name isn't it? Di Toft is a British writer born on 1 January 1958 in Watford, England. Sadly that's all I could find about this amazing novelist.

About the book!

Mr. Tate is an old farmer, who's trying to get rid of this "German Shepard". Young Nat Carver really wanted a puppy and his Grandfather Mick was sure Mr. Tate was legit going to sell them a puppy. This special dog, didn't seem much puppy-like. But this dog,was something else, something extremely special. Even though Nat didn't seem all to happy and Mick would have rather gone somewhere else to find a puppy. Nat demanded to keep this animal. 

One night something happened, this beast wasn't any ordinary beast. And it was being hunted down by some very bad guys, that have this top-secret science project! Nat and his Wolven friend Woody go on adventures together, to find out what Woody is, whom are hunting them and what they could do to save others like Woody.

I wish I could tell more, but if I do I'll ruin the whole story and I am telling you it's a great book. At least I enjoyed reading it! 

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