one: a song that calms you down

sleep tight, goodnight ; twice

twice, mina, and kpop image cherry, aesthetic, and vintage image Inspiring Image on We Heart It kpop, momo, and photoshoot image
How was your day today? Anything bad happen? You just need to get through, day by day. Have strength, think of me

two: a song that is often stuck in your head

we young ; exo cs

Image removed Image removed aesthetic, blue, and red image exo-sc, exo, and sehun image
Don’t worry, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter where you are. Throw away all things that are passing. You can cover your ears for a bit

three: a song that reminds you of a friend

sailing (0805) ; snsd

edit, kpop, and pink image 90s, aesthetic, and icons image edit, 90s, and aesthetic image jessica, snsd, and jessica jung image
I won’t wander not knowing where to go. During countless wanderings, in which I found a vividly sparkling star, at the end of a long voyage, you are the world I met when I detoured, it’s you

four: a song that reminds you of the past summer

red flavor ; red velvet

seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image Image by @slfcareblush on instagram drink, summer, and beach image seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image
Open the seven color, rainbow door. Your world is electric, it’s cool. The color of your love is redder than the sun. I want it, I wanna do it my way

five: a song that makes you hopeful

utopia ; ateez

ateez image Image removed Image removed yeosang, kang yeosang, and ateez image
It's a dream, but the truth is I can't stop, even if everyone laughs at it. We can touch utopia. We can reach there; utopia

six: a song by your favorite boy group

wave ; ateez

illusion, wave, and seonghwa image Inspiring Image on We Heart It turtle, animal, and summer image boys, Hot, and kpop image
If this moment is our wave, don’t be afraid, face it with more strength, because we’re hotter than anyone else under the sun

seven: a song by your favorite girl group

fancy ; twice

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, eye, and eyes image bling, blonde, and fancy image
You there, I fancy you, I don’t want just anyone. Hey I love you. Yes you, I fancy you, you can be happy like a dream, ’cause I need you

eight: song by your favorite soloist

chica ; chungha

chungha, kpop, and girl image b&w, black, and body image flower, gray, and gray aesthetic image chungha, kpop, and girl image
Chica, chica, sí, you got it all. Chica, chica, sí, you're beautiful. Let it all out, let your feelings out. Let the world know what you're all about

nine: last song you heard

rbb ; red velvet

kpop, retro, and RV image aesthetic, gold, and alternative image lips, glitter, and makeup image kpop, retro, and RV image
My friends say not him: "He’s too bad, you’ll get hurt". Who can stop me, if I like it, I’ll go for it. Oh, oh my god!

ten: song that has made you cry

y si fuera ella ; jonghyun

blue eyes, Jonghyun, and korean image black, bright, and happy image Jonghyun image beauty, perry, and photo image
Don’t say those words to me ever again. To you it may sound light, but to me, weigh heavy. My feelings must have given you a hard time, I’ll step back a bit, I’ll wait, so that you’ll be comfortable. I’ll be standing from far away, I’m begging you like this

eleven: song that makes you want to dance

uh oh ; gidle

Inspiring Image on We Heart It soojin, gidle, and aesthetic image aesthetic, food, and strawberry image Image removed
You’re so ridiculous, I’m a little taken back. Uh-oh, stop going around acting like we’re friends

twelve: song that you love but rarely listen to

beautiful goodbye ; chen

Chen, exo, and kpop image Chen, exo, and wallpaper image Chen, exo, and wallpaper image kpop, beautiful goodbye, and kim jongdae image
As you drift away, you fade away. Because we loved each other, let’s say our last goodbyes. I pray that before this time ends, you can find happiness. Let’s not forget our love. You and me. Us. Together

thirteen: song that you cannot stand to listen to

miroh ; stray kids

Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed
It’s not hard, in this rough jungle. It was me who ran into it, I’m okay. We goin’ higher in the next city, looking down the buildings, fly all day

fourteen: song that makes you happy

remember me ; oh my girl

kpop image aesthetic, grunge, and kpop image aesthetic, grunge, and kpop image kpop, liar liar, and oh my girl image
Back when things were so lovable, memories of us still flicker before me. The love story that’s a bit too early to be told shines on me like the stars

fifteen: song that needs to be played loud

move ; produce x 101 (sixc)

kpop, x1, and produce x 101 image blue, light, and neon image alternative, girl, and indie image x1 and hangyul image
I’m thinking of you as a star and how the Earth revolves around you. Let’s make a circle. Get that? Can I get an encore

sixteen: song that makes you think about life

breathe ; lee hi

Image removed hold my hand and leehi image 8bit, girl, and rainbow image Image removed
It’s alright if you run out of breath; no one will blame you. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes; because anyone can do so

seventeen ; song you think everyone should listen to

home ; seventeen

Seventeen, lockscreen, and jeonghan image lilac, nintendo, and purple image lilac, aesthetic, and baby image Seventeen, jeonghan, and boy image
What do I do? Without you my heart has no home, I’ve kept my insides empty for you. Things might seem hard; but I’ll always be here, so don’t think too difficultly

eighteen: song that makes you wanna fall in love

serendipity ; jimin

serendipity, jm, and bangtan sonyeondan image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, yellow, and rainbow image serendipity, jm, and bangtan sonyeondan image
The universe has moved for us without missing a single thing, because our happiness has been planned, cause you love me and I love you

nineteen: song by an artist whose voice you love

me after you ; paul kim

goblin, kiss, and kdrama image goblin, ost, and korean dramas image aesthetic, goblin, and korean image kdrama, goblin, and gong yoo image
I was so happy after meeting you. I was able to love you so much, because you embraced and understood my young and immature mind warmly

twenty: song that reminds you of yourself

palette ; iu feat. gdragon

kpop, palette, and iu image pink, neon, and aesthetic image aesthetic, background, and idol image kpop, palette, and iu image
When I’m not a kid or an adult, when I’m just me I shine the brightest, so don’t get scared when darkness comes

twenty one: song you listen to when you’re sad

genius ; pentagon feat. their dads

kino, pentagon, and shine image aesthetic, amarillo, and art image quotes, yellow, and happiness image pentagon, kino, and kpop image
Sweetheart, are you feeling okay? Please call me more often, son. Just do it, what you wish to do, I will always stand by your side for you

twenty two: song that you listen to when you’re happy

prism ; shinee

Taemin, SHINee, and kpop image aesthetic, kpop, and SHINee image quotes, red, and heart image Taemin, SHINee, and kpop image
Any kind of text, any kind of words, any kind of face, any kind of language of light, I couldn’t see it (in love)

twenty three: song that you recommend to a non-pop fan

say my name ; ateez

wave, ateez, and hongjoong image wave, wooyoung, and ateez image san, wave, and ateez image Image removed
When the moonlight calls to me, I get so hot, I’m about to cover the world. Let’s hold hands and fly away. Yes sir, I answer to your call

twenty four: song that you hated at first listen but now love

violeta ; iz*one

izone, eunbi, and kpop image purple, lilac, and theme image boquet, field, and filter image kpop, lia, and pink image
I close my eyes but I still feel your scent. It’s so soft, it makes me fall in. I’m following the light that disappeared faraway, getting closer to you

twenty five: a cute kpop song

oh, my mistake ; april

april and naeun image aesthetic, purple, and flamingo image pink, purple, and neon image april and naeun image
Being pretty is a sin, yes, it’s my sin. It’s my sin to be wanted so much. Being pretty is a sin, anyone can see. Making you fall so deep for me is. Oh, my mistake!

twenty six: a beautiful kpop song

the fifth season ; oh my girl

Image removed background, beautiful, and beauty image background, beautiful, and beauty image Image removed
You know what, if it’s love, you’ll know it at a glance. You can recognize it without being confused. Now I know who the person is

twenty seven: a chill kpop song

pizza ; oohyo

pizza, oohyo, and 우효 image aesthetic, drawing, and kpop image aesthetic, drawing, and kpop image aesthetic, drawing, and kpop image
Summer's been boring without you, empty talk and entertainment. Been yawning every minute or so, waiting for the phone to ring

twenty eight: your first kpop song

fantastic baby ; big bang

g-dragon, gd, and kpop image alien, green, and aesthetic image alien, ufo, and green image gd, hair, and lollipop image
Don’t ask for the answer but just take it as it is, go with the flow alright. Face the sky and put your two hands up, up high, wanna jump around oh

twenty nine: first song that you heard by your favorite boy group

pirate king ; ateez

ateez, korean, and kpop image korean, kpop, and jongho image ateez, jongho, and mingi image san, wooyoung, and yunho image
We’ll arrive somewhere on the horizon over there. If you wanna get on a boat with me right now, you need a pirate king. No need to be cautious, just be my companion

thirty: first song that you heard by your favorite girl group

tt ; twice

Image removed fashion, girl, and neon image purple image Image removed
Think I’m all grown up now, I’m free to make my own choices, but why? Why can’t I have it my way? The more I try to push you away, the more I’m drawn and attracted to you, baby

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