About Her:
Birth name: Nam Chun-He (남춘희)
Stage name: Violet
Birthday: June 5, 2000
Birth place: Denver, Colorado
Nationality: Korean
Debut date: March 15, 2017
Trainee duration: 2 years

Band name: Two²
Company: JYP
Position: Main dancer (also perfect at singing & rapping)


Out with friends

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On Stage

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Jae (Day6)

Amber (fx)

Jackson (Got7)

Literally every Stray Kids member, mainly Felix. (Good luck trying to separate them)

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❒ She is always looking out for other members and taking care of the dorm.

❒ Crazy hyper and spontaneous.

❒ Cuddly; acts clingy but can be independent.

More about her:

❒ Speaks Korean, English, Japanese.

❒ Huge tomboy.

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❒ The entire group are crackheads.

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❒ Loves animals; especially her husky, Summer.

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❒ Dating Bang Chan.

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❒ Plays guitar, skateboards, good at every video game

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❒ It's impossible for you to not fall in love with her humor and charm.

❒ When she makes mistakes while speaking Korean, she blushes and gets shy.

❒ Because of her English skills she gets called to be a MC often.

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