Hellllooo again!! This 'meet my oc' came a lot quicker than Jasper's did! This time around I'm introducing you to Colin, my sweetie pie. He's one of my favorites! (shhh, don't tell the others...)
P.S. Legit all of my characters have angsty back stories because I have a problem, okay? My poor babies...


Full Name; Colin Percival Wise
Age Range; 19-25
Gender and Sexuality; Male, straight
Nationality; American and British
Status; Alive, no planned death


Colin is by far my tallest oc, standing at 6 feet and 4 inches. He's a great big bear of a man, that is often not very good at handling his size. He is rather clumsy and always bumping into things. His hulking form is as far as 'scary' goes for him. His tanned skin complements his longer, dark brown--nearly black-- hair. His warm, chocolate eyes exude kindness. His lips are nearly always showcasing a shy smile. His look isn't complete without a little bit of a beard or scruff. Of course, his faint British accent is signature, too. His style ranges from mysterious, leather-clad biker to hot lumberjack in flannel. The most important thing about Colin, is he is missing his right leg, from just above the knee down. This does not hinder him in any way (mentality wise, I mean), and he quite likes having a metal prosthetic.

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The world wasn't too kind to him when he was younger, but you would never know it. I tend to think of Colin as the Samwise Gamgee of my ocs. Or in other words, the most morally righteous, or pure if you will. He is incredibly gentle, and always apologizes for his often obnoxious size. As I mentioned above, he does not handle his size well sometimes, as he is very clumsy. He is more brawn than brains though, as the saying goes. He can be awfully oblivious to things such as girls flirting with him. Upon figuring said thing out, he gets incredibly flustered and embarrassed. Sometimes his simple ways of thinking gets him into trouble, because he truly means well but others interpret his actions or words as something different. In addition to 'simple', Colin is most definitely a simple man. It doesn't take much to make him happy or please him. He is loyal to a fault, incredibly brave (although afraid of horror movies and clowns), and a good listener, though he may not offer the best advice.

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Father; Christopher Wise, deceased. He and his father both share their middle name, a family name on his grandfathers side. Colin gets most of his good qualities from his father. Loyal, brave, kind. Chris wise was in the army, and he and his family were constantly moving around the country from base to base as he got stationed and re-stationed. When Colin was 9, Chris Wise died fighting in Iraq. Colin is incredibly proud of his father, and hopes he makes him proud too. He wished he could have joined the army as well, however due to his leg he is unable to.

Mother; Sarah Wise, not present. Sarah and Chris met when he was stationed over seas in the U.K. She married him, and not soon after they were moved back to the States they had Colin. When Colin was two, Sarah left the family, claiming that she couldn't handle the stress of moving around so much, and having to handle the shame of having a 'deformed' child. She grew up in a very wealthy family in the U.K., and the life she had was not what she was expecting. Her leaving left Chris heartbroken, but it did not have an effect on Chris' and Colin's relationship to the rest of her family.

Grandpa and Grandma Hartford When Colin's father died, he was sent overseas to the U.K. to live with his mother's parents. They raised him to the best of their ability, however Colin never really felt like he belonged in their world. They were incredibly wealthy, and lived in a fairly large estate. They wanted what was best for Colin, and sent him to expenses boarding schools, to which he did not excel in, but nevertheless graduated from. In all of his life living with his mother's parents he never saw her once. They had a bad habit of refusing to talk about her, their only child.

Grandpa Wise Colin's dad's dad was somewhat estranged from his son and grandchild. The death of Chris's mother during his birth caused something of a rift between them. However, after Chris's death, Grandpa Wise sent for Colin, asking that he live with him. The Hartfords declined, but allowed Colin to stay with him each summer. It was living with Grandpa Wise that Colin felt he really belonged, despite him being a gruff old man. He owned an old cabin in the woods in Virginia, where he lived all his life, and Chris grew up. He died when Colin was entering college, and left the cabin to him, which Colin now lives in.

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Fun Facts

  • Colin owns an Irish Wolfhound named piper that he rescued from a shelter
  • His father is buried in a small cemetery in Virginia, and there is an empty tombstone next to his that was supposed to be for his mother. When the couple was still happily in love they planned to be buried with each other, and Chris had just never gotten around to changing that. She on the other had, had of course. So the tombstone will probably be empty forever.
  • Colin was quite a trickster back in his boarding school days, and he liked to tease people a lot. All in good heart, though. For the most part.
  • Colin has a fear that he's letting his father down because he couldn't join the Army, like him
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