♡helloooo, so lately i’ve been really wanting to get to more people who share the love of kpop, k-hip hop, k-rnb, or just korean culture!♡

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some facts about me

name: mariah
age: 20
language: english & verrrry lil bit of spanish
location: california

SOME(bc i love too many) kpop groups i love listening to

♡nct (nct u, nct 127, nct dream, wayv)

nct, nct dream, and jaemin image nct, jaehyun, and jungwoo image
lucas, ten, and winwin image Image by Peach Sugar
my bias is the giggly but lovely mark lee


bts, jungkook, and suga image rm, bts, and namjoon image
my bias is namjoon but they are all soo amazing

♡stray kids

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my bias is hyunjin but sometimes chris man...oof he's definitely my bias wrecker


ateez, wooyoung, and yunho image Temporarily removed
my bias is san:)


treasure and kpop image kpop, treasure, and yg image
asahi is my lovely bias


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and of course mark lee is my bias here too lol...not a shocker

SOME(again too many) solo artist i love listening too


dean, k r&b, and kwon hyuk image dean and deanfluenza image


ph-1 image ph-1 image


villain, gaho, and planetarium image

♡dpr live

hong dabin, khh, and dream perfect regime image Image removed

♡sam kim (thats my bby)

boys, kpop, and sam kim image boys, kpop, and sam kim image


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SOME k-drams i love watching

♡hello my twenties

drama, fashion, and outfit image icon, korean girl, and meme image

♡weightlifting fairy kim bok joo

kdrama, lee sung kyung, and nam joo hyuk image lee sung kyung, nam joo hyuk, and weightlifting fairy image

♡my first first love

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♡i’ve ALWAYS wanted to try this so if you want someone to talk about kpop or k-dramas or things like that, im your girl:) im really nice so if your interested plsss message me:)))♡

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