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Before we go to the how would the dates with Jungkook will be let's found out what his ideal type is like hehe. He might want a girl that's slightly more mature than himself. Jungkook would most likely date a Korean girl since it'll be the easiest to communicate with her.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that he will 100% date someone who match his ideal type and i am not saying that he will date someone who looks exactly like the pictures down! I put the pictures just so you could kinda see what i am talking about.

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Jungkook wants to date a tall girl who's somewhere between 168 cm and shorter than himself. Jungkook likes girls that have pretty legs, and that can also go with being tall.
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He wants a nice girl who would make a good wife, meaning she can cook, clean, help him when he needs assistance and is good with kids.
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Her style to be a lot more laid back and in tones of mostly black and gray.
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Her eye makeup would probably be eye liner with natural looking eye shadow tones.

โฅ ๐–‰๐–†๐–™๐–Š ๐–œ๐–Ž๐–™๐– ๐–๐–š๐–“๐–Œ๐–๐–”๐–”๐–

Now let's see what the dates with Jungkook will look like.

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Jungkook doesn't like to go out, so you might be spending your dates at home.
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You'll watch horror movies together and Jungkook will try to scare you.
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You'll play games together and he will always win.
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If you and Jungkook go out you two will probably go to places where there aren't a lot people.
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If u go to amusment park he will make you to ride the scariest rides with him lol.

โฅ ๐–๐–š๐–“๐–Œ๐–๐–”๐–”๐– ๐–†๐–˜ ๐–† ๐–‡๐–”๐–ž๐–‹๐–—๐–Ž๐–Š๐–“๐–‰

What will Jungkook be as a boyfriend? Hmm...

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He will tease you 24/7.
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You two will always have a playful fights and they will end with a kisses.
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He will make you smile and laugh a lot.
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He will do things such as when you're holding heavy things he would take them from your hands and walk like they're nothing.
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He will stare while smiling a little at you a lot because he loves you so much.
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He will give you piggyback rides.

Disclaimer: This are just my opinions on what I think Jungkook will be as a boyfriend do not take them like real cuz Jungkook might be diffrent as a boyfriend.

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