josephine juliet rhodes

birth date:
october 13, 1997

james rhodes. victoria herrera

vibranium suit, extremis (formely)


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josephine was born in california and has dual citizenship, spanish and american. her mother is from barcelona and josephine spent her summers there. during the events of iron man 3 she got kidnapped by aldrich killian and got extremis on her body.


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josephine has warm skin and eyes. her hair is dark wavy shoulder length hair. she has a strong built and she's 5'4 feet and a half tall.


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she wears clothes in warm tones. she loves orange and autumn themed clothes. she lives for sweaters even when it's summer. she likes skirts and overalls. sandal heels and ankle boots are her favorites.


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josephine is a very emphatic girl. she likes spooky things since she loves halloween. she has a warm yet sharp personality. she likes to make remarks and prove people wrong. she is a little paranoid. she's very protective toward the ones she loves. she never wanted to be a superhero, but fate wanted to.


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she had extremis for a short period of time before she got it removed. shuri made her a vibranium suit like t'challa's.


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josephine is the daughter of james rhodes and victoria herrera. she's the godchild of tony stark.


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shuri is her best friend and she considers wanda one of her closest allies. arabella stark is like her sister. m'baku and josephine grew closer during her stay in wakanda.

love interest

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t'challa udaku.


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naomi scott.


—her favorite season is autumn.
—her favorite halloween movie is hocus pocus.
—she is a good cook. ( loves pies )
—she chose tony's side in civil war.
—she plays the guitar.
—arabella and josephine were taken by thanos after infinity war.
—they destroyed the infinity stones for him.
—bella and jo helped charities during the five years before the blip.
—she lives in wakanda.

"I'll be Thackery Binx, 'cause he's obviously the best character. You can be Winifred or something,"


josephine rhodes appears in tales of sacrifice.

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