Hi guys, welcome to another article. Today is July 22nd. Selena's Birthday!!!

selena gomez and instagram image selena gomez and instagram image

I took a time to think what Selena means to me, and as I said before I am with her and she is with me for 9 years now, and problably everyday of this 9 years she was one of the reasons I was/am happy.

selena gomez image selena gomez image

She is an inspiration for me, because all she does is what she loves, she inspires people, she helps people with her songs, attitudes, speeches, her story

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I am not mad at her about her long break, because I know she is happy and that's what I want. Seeing her happy makes me happy, even tho it takes months, years for her release something. If she feels it's the right time, I agree. I'll be waiting for her.

selena gomez image selena gomez image

She has 27 years now, and so much to live, and I'll be here as long as it takes. Just live happily with no regrets. Love U.

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Happy Birthday!!

Thank You for reading.