crying, talking fast
wait, hardly hear you
please, sweetheart, take it easy
Tell him what he's done now

Where was he sleeping tonight
can you stop being so stupid
you should pack your stuff in the middle
of the night, take your bag and go
I can't shut up when I basically
know how you feel
So take and pack your things, take a taxi, just go from there

That boy can be alone, he's no real guy anyway
an adult man just like a child
listen, leave him
things have emerged
I've heard he hit someone
a girl, maybe he didn't

He's lying about where he slept
how can you even want to stay?
When he doesn't back you up

Say what you want but the truth is out.
don't be naive
you have to find your way back to your life
believe what you want, he will never change his style.
he will never be someone's prince.

Now it's up to you, just up to you