I'm scared about many different things; different concepts and aspects of life, simple and complex. But something I'm most scared about is myself. I'm scared about what people think of me... if they see me as something I don't want to be seen as:

Weird. Odd. Ungrateful. A bother.

I'm scared that I will be shamed of who I choose to love. I'm scared that people will see the dark side of me... the side even I wish I didn't see. I'm scared that I won't make it, that all of my hard work is meaningless, or that I'm not working hard enough... Failure. I'm scared of failure.

I'm scared of what my future holds, whether that is because of the mystery or danger of the idea, I'm not sure.

But then again... isn't everybody scared?
Doesn't everyone hold fear and anxiety?
Isn't there something more than just fear?
Well, of course. And because of that... there is a little something called Hope.

Hope. An expectation, a gut feeling, that something good will happen. The light at the end of the tunnel. The truth is, everybody is scared of themselves. So then why go through your fear alone when help and love is right there in front of you? I promise you that there is. Why bear fear in solitarily when you can find other people to relate to, and other people relating to you? Why forget that there is more to life than just fear? I'm telling you, there is more to life than fear.

You know what?

Why should I be scared of who I choose to love? I'm questioning this because, around the right people, love is the most beautiful part of life. Why should I be nervous about what other people think of me when I should think of myself? I shouldn't fill my mind with toxic people, that's wasted space in my brain! Space I could use thinking about puppies. Besides, what I believe people think about me probably isn't even true, I'm very prone to overthinking. So yes, I am weird. I am different. I can be strange. But I am Me.

The future alters depending on your outlook of it. If you let the uncertainty of the mystery get to you, you can't get all that far. But if you look at that mystery as an adventure, as YOUR adventure; if you look at it as a way to make a change and help both yourself and the world, you can get just about anywhere. Every little bit you do makes a difference, every bit of work and effort you put into something is meaningful, is worth it.

We are worth it. You are worth it.

I believe in you with all of my heart. So yes, we all have fear. But fear is something we can overcome. Something you can overcome.