I just need to let out what I feel and type what's going on inside my head.

You're probably used to hearing people talking about their first heartbreak, from a romantic relationship. May it be months, or years, that they were together.

But have you ever heard about someone's first heartbreak, when they were not even in a relationship?

Well... in this article, I'm that someone who's first heartbreak is not from a relationship. It's hard to explain but.. here it goes.

It all started with a crush. Of course, as cliche it may sound, like any other romance that was told before, happening now, and will happen, it's where something strong starts. It will always be the root of something so powerful to someone's heart and mind.

Soon, signs and signals were thrown at each other. Talks became more frequent, awkward silence as well, uncontrollable smile every time they're around, nervousness when they're in the same room as you, and the secret glances.

It's something really exciting to think about. Fun memories to look back to.

There were tons of opportunities given to me, 'Just tell him, what will you lose? clearly he feels the same way as you'

But I treated those opportunities as 'I still have time anyways, I can tell him when I'm ready.'

I didn't know that I was already running out of time.

Days continued the same, teasing from our friends, my non stop rant to my friends that they were probably sick of hearing but they liked feeling the butterflies I felt as I tell them about those small and quick moments that made me feel warm inside.

I was unaware of the time, I just pushed the confession at the back of my head and enjoyed my time.

Enjoy it while it lasted....

One night, an event that everyone was looking forward to, a ceremony for the senior's to pass down to the juniors that will soon be seniors. The walls, ceiling, and stage were decorated by us, it was beautiful. The non-stop arguments, money, time, and effort were all worth it. We were proud of ourselves. We did that.

Nobody cared about that, everyone was looking forward to the dances.

The two of us danced quite a few times. Everytime a song plays, we grab a partner, and when we get to the dance floor, when we see each other, we swap our partners just to dance.

I was nervous, but he helped me 'let loose a bit'. He grabbed both my wrist and spread my arms wide and swayed our bodies, left and right.

We were laughing. We were smiling through our conversation. We were enjoying our time.

Next dance, for the last time, we swapped partners and danced properly and followed the slow beat of the song that was playing.

I looked at him and I knew... that it was time.

It was time to tell him how I feel, how I was feeling for a while now. To tell him through my words about the things he did that made my heart race, to speak and open my mouth to say the simplest words with great impact and meaning.

"I like you"

But then... I saw the glitter in his eyes weren't looking back at me anymore. I knew... that he still loved her.

And that thought instantly closed my mouth shut as I take a gulp, my throat felt dry, my eyes were lost, my heart dropped and my mind went blank.

The music ended, which meant that the dance is over.

It was over...

The whole night, my mind went blank. I was lost and kept on asking my friends what they were saying since I wasn't really focused.

I didn't know what to do and feel, I was lost in a room full of people and was quiet for the rest of the night.