So, I was debating on what exactly I should call this article. I was thinking "How Not To Break Your Heart" or "Keep Him Arms Distance," but I settled on something very familiar: playing myself. Now, please, please take what I'm about to tell you with a grain of salt because I promise that even for the girls who fall hard (like me) you will not fall victim to the same heartache if you follow my three simple tips.

My methodology is simple, don't like him until he loves you and don't love him until he's in love with you. I'm only half joking.

1. Talk to other guys
If you are only talking to this one guy, you become more attached and more dedicated to that person compared to if you were talking to three guys at the same time. Talking to multiple guys (or girls) at once disperses your energy and lessens the blow if one guy falls through.

2. Don't text him every day
I repeat do NOT text him everyday. This is good for multiple reasons. You give him a chance to take the initiative to text you first if he wasn't already doing that, you give yourself a break and prevent yourself from getting so attached, and you have time to think about if you really like the person. In their absence you can determine if you were texting them because you were bored or if you were texting them because you genuinely enjoy talking to them.

3. Don't think of a future with him
This has to be the most important and effective one. Let's be honest, when you're really into a guy, you're thinking about what it'll be like when you meet his parents, if his mom will like you, how your kids will look, what he likes for breakfast and the whole time you just got his name. Stop this.
The more you expect from a guy, the worse it hurts when he lets you down. You'd be breaking your own heart if you let yourself have these hopes. Focus on reality, how he is really treating you, how he really feels about you and make decisions based on that. Then down the road, you will have either dodged a bullet or secured a healthy relationship.

Some of you may be side-eying me but like I said it works by protecting your heart without having to be a dog and pushing someone who could be good for you away. I don't want you to ever stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, I just want you to be careful with your most precious asset.

stay pretty,