i love pastries, they are delicious. they are sweet, soft, so many sensations in just this tiny thing.
i am not sure all of these are French, but when you go into a bakery in France you can normally find them

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Let me now show you my favourite pastries 🍩

I | Strawberry Tart (tarte aux fraises) 🍓

fruit, spring, and strawberry image blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry image
these are freakin' amazing, the outside is crispy, there is a delicious cream and the strawerries are awesome

II | Vanilla Eclairs 🍦 (Eclair à la vanille)

chocolate, crema, and eclair image caramel, chocolate, and cream image
this is so good as well, there is a delicious cream in the middle and the outside is crispy and omg it's awesome. The glaze on top is super sweet. it exists in different flavours like chocolate or coffee, but vanilla is definitely the one I prefer.

III | Tarte au flan 🍮

custard, flan, and pastry image creme brulee, tart, and hazelnut image
This is like delicious. Seriously, like once you bite in it, it's like "wow", it's feels good and tastes awesome.

IV | Olive or bacon Fougasse 🥨 (Fougasses aux olives ou aux lardons)

bread, fougasse, and cook image
The first time you eat them, you are like "what did I just eat?" but it's actually good and taste different but good, also it's salty not sweet.

V | Macarons 🍪

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I don't eat much macarons, I find them very (and sometimes too) sweet, but otherwise it's a good treat once in a while and so many flavours are available !

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