maria arabella stark

birth date:
december 16, 2001

tony stark, nina frøseth (freya odinsdottir)

air manipulation, telepathy


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arabella was born in malibu, california. she is the daughter of tony stark and nina frøseth (deceased). her mother was the asgardian princess & goddess freya, but gave up her title so she could marry tony stark. on december 2009 arabella was kidnapped by the winter soldier during a car crash. he brought her to the red room where she was trained.


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her face structure resembles tony's. her blue eyes and lips resemble her mother's. she has long dark brown hair. she is slim and somewhat tall (5'6). she has fair skin.


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her signature colors are black & white and every shade of grey in between. her colorful shades are the only color she wears. she loves band tees. she lives for jackets, specially black leather ones. she loves high heel ankle boots and sneakers. she loves golden jewelry. she can't survive a day without a pair of shades ( her a.i. wednesday is there )


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arabella is sarcastic and witty. she covers her feelings with humor and cocky remarks. she has anger management issues and she's very impulsive. she can sometimes be reckless and hyper- competitive. in the battlefield she's a ruthless fighter and very strategical. she's willing to put her life on the line to save the people she cares about. being a forgiver is in her nature, but she has a hard time forgetting.


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arabella is a very powerful telepath. being the goddess of air, she manipulates it. she's also very smart and alongside her dad, she worked on nano tech. she is a very skilled fighter and can use a wide range of weapons.


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her mother, nina, was the goddess of love & war. tony is her father and pepper her adoptive mother. rhodey and pepper are her godparents. morgan is her little sister. thor and loki are arabella's uncles since they were nina's brothers. happy is her confident. arabella considers nat and cap her aunt and uncle.


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she considers peter her brother. charlotte lang became a reliable friend. josephine rhodes is like her older sister. shuri is her science sister. she's harry osborn's crush.


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kaya scodelario.


—her a.i. is called wednesday after wednesday addams.
—she graduated from MIT at 16.
—she has a black and gold nano tech suit.
—she has anxiety attack and ptsd.
—she chose cap's side in civil war.
—queen and acdc are her favorite bands.
—josephine and arabella were taken by thanos after infinity war.
—they destroyed the infinity stones for him.
—jo and bella spent the five years before the blip helping charities.
—she takes morgan to eat cheeseburgers all over to malibu.
—tony left her all of his iron man belongings after his death alongside a video saying goodbye.

"Don't be jealous. I love you like, three thousand times more than Cap."


arabella stark appears in tales of sacrifice

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