Hi!! First of all, this is my first article so, if I did something wrong please tell me and I would try my best to fix it!

~ Loved one is not only used as lover. It can be a family member or friend. It is up to you! ~
Basically, the subject of this article is Things I want to do wih my loved one / Things you should do with your loved one
Anyway, I hope you would like it!!

  • _Have A Sleepover_
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Sleepovers are so much fun when you have great food, a cozy place, movies to watch and your loved one(s) with you!
  • _Go To Picnic_
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Little bit of fresh air won't hurt anyone! You can go to the beach/ a field to have a picnic. To be honest, it would be so fun if you go wih your friend group!
  • _Draw Them_
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Dont't say you can't draw! You really don't need to draw them reall REALLY good/perfectly. You can draw a photo of both of you or you can draw just them. Believe me, your drawing doesn't need to be perfect. They would be so happy when they see it!
  • _Go To Concerts_
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concerts are reall fun ifit is the artits you like unless they can be boring. but with someone you love boring concert would be fun too!

~That's it! That's the end of the article! I know it is a lttle bit short sorry :/
I hope you liked it.

~ *_L O V E u!_*bye!