Hi lovies! How are you? I hope you doing well, I thought this Article it could be a cool idea so we can get to know us better, so i hope you enjoy it!

รธ Eye Color

eye, brown, and eyes image brown, eye, and aesthetic image

รธ Hair Color

girl, fashion, and beauty image hair, fashion, and girl image

รธ Zodiac Sign

virgo, child, and signs image face image

รธ Favorite Color

rabbit, quotes, and shit image pink, baby, and aesthetic image
Golden, White & Soft lavender and Pink

รธ Movies vs Books

angel, baby, and fairy image book, beach, and summer image

รธ Dogs vs Cats

dog, cute, and puppy image cat, cute, and animal image
Both, i love animals, i want to have a zoo haha

รธ Favorite tv Shows

friends, chandler, and monica image that 70s show, 70s, and ashton kutcher image pretty little liars and pll image the good place image the end of the f world image Image removed A Series of Unfortunate Events image the society, netflix, and kathryn newton image

รธ Favorite Drink

aesthetic, cafe, and cake image aesthetic, dessert, and food image
Iced Coffee

รธ Single or Taken

alternative, hair, and people image funny, single, and album image
Single Bringle

รธ Siblings

aes, angel, and dress image mirror, aesthetic, and heart image
Just me :(

รธ Favorite Season

flowers, monet, and aesthetic image flowers, girl, and aesthetic image

รธ Mermaids v Angels

aesthetic, glitter, and beach image angel, wings, and aesthetic image
Idk, both, i will love to be one of those

รธ Favorite Facial Feature on Yourself

lips, red, and makeup image alternative, glitter, and indie image

รธ Most Attractive Feature on Another

rainbow, smile, and boy image Image removed
Smile & Eyes

รธ Movie that Always Makes You Cry

emma stone image quotes, movie, and the help image
The Help

รธ Hobbies

theme, plants, and flowers image cherry image flowers, art, and aesthetic image Image removed
Gardening, Painting, Reading & Hang out with Friends

รธ Favorite Flower

pink, aesthetic, and flowers image bouquet, flowers, and pastel image

รธ Nationality

green, aesthetic, and clothes image FRUiTS, love, and cherries image

รธ Favourite Artists

Image removed jessie reyez image k-12, melanie martinez, and crybaby image aesthetic, icons, and layout image conan gray and conan lee gray image cardi b image
Lizzo, Jessie Reyez, Melanie Martinez, Doja Cat, Conan Gray & Cardi b

That's all for now, i hope you enjoyed the Article, thanks so much for reading (now you know that my first language isn't english and that's the reason of my grammar mistakes haha sorry about it), always remember you always worth it no matter what is it, you worth it

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