I know, I kNOW that this article maybe is a little off-trend, but I just saw Spiderman: Far from home and my bones are inspired so let's do it!

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name and age

her name is gen morty
and she is 16 yo
her hero-name is Cerebro

bonus: she's a student of Astrophysics

aesthetic, quotes, and grunge image learn, miss, and you image


math image nerd, nasa, and aesthetic image french, english, and quotes image animal, boy, and christmas image

she's super smart, has photographic memory, and omnilingualism. Also, she can absorb energy (which means she suppresses the others powers)


Abusive image hair and style image girl, beauty, and tumblr image skin image

short black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin; also a thin figure


aesthetic, curiosity, and quotes image dude, aesthetic, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, black and white, and cool image

she's a walking meme; very funny, adorable and innocent, curious and sweet; she cares about others; in the other hand, she's very self assured and is sirius when she has to be.

she's a GEEK, and the deadly sin of gluttony (not really)


nasa, grunge, and alternative image yellow and fashion image adidas, shoes, and jeans image oversized, tee, and vintage image

hoodies; mom jeans, shorts; graphic t-shirts; sneakers and caps. has a dark blue jansport with a lego star wars key chain of yoda... is kinda she in a backpack.

also, glasses


blue and hero image aesthetic, chemistry, and science image light, yellow, and aesthetic image the 100 image

when she was a child, her parents exposed her to a laboratory and she got trapped; there, she breathed in a gas that modified her cells, especially her brain-cells.


iron man, robert downey jr, and tony stark image sebastian stan image Marvel, brie larson, and captain marvel image Image by quacardo

bucky, tony stark (is like a mentor for her, a father-like), peter parker (her bff and bruh) and carol danvers (mom mom mom mom)

she has no love interest... for now.



" I love you " finger guns

" Did you know that... "

" LOOK, it's a sTAr (starts talking about stars birth)"

"aw shit, here we go again "

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