Somi just debuted with song "Birthday" and there is a lot to talk about so let's get into it. EVERYONE wanted Somi to debut solo since IOI debuted. But in this song Somi showed that she can rap and she can sing. Somi for her debut she changed company's she was originally in JYP and now she is with "The BlackLabel" which I'm pretty sure is connected with YG and YG has a rough past with there idols and groups with how Seungri and B.I. have recently left . In her debut stage which I'm sure everyone saw she was clearly nervous, she is used to be in a big group with a lot of people singing, if you compare her debut stage and her most recent stage it's totally different! She was super nervous she wasn't confident almost as if she was scared to move , but with a stage comes outfits... YIKES her outfits are interesting and I get it they wanted to try something different sometimes it looks good but this is too much, it look they took a bunch of old rags and hot glued it to her body. The only outfits I kind of liked was her debut stage and when she this white fringe those were really nice and I think my favorite.

The MV , was really nice the scenes were really creative when she was dancing on a car or balloons in here hair and the huge cake! I really enjoyed these outfits the one that I thought was interesting? Was the one where she was on the car with her braids and the snake skirt and the poofy jacket but I get her vibe she wanted to fit a lot concepts in one MV but that's fine it's her first MV she is excited to have her own MV

The song and dance in general was a bop let's be honest , I really liked how she incorporated a lot of English verses mixed in between the lines. As for the dance I think it's okay I find solo dances really boring the solo artists just stay in the middle which I get there the center of attention but I wish solo dances would be more creative like Sunmi's dances. For example "Gashina" she dances on a table or like "Siren" we're in the dance break the back up dancer bring poles and make a sort of prison chamber ,like you see how creative she gets!

Well for me Somi's debut was what it needed to be she did a good song I hope people are not comparing her to Chungha since they were in the same group but it's her debut we will know if she is good solo artist artist when we see her first comeback we can't judge her by her first song I'm pretty sure I can ask you what is your favorite song by your favorite group you will not say there debut song . Now I want to ask you what are your opinions on her debut?