Hello there, I am Erika, and today I want to comment about something people don’t talk too much cause this create a lot of debates.

When something is really popular like God, who is known throughout the world.

It brings people who believe and people who can’t find the reason why you should follow something you can’t see, they think that is, writed kindly, a little dumb.

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Even there’s scientists only for him, what!

Starting here, I want to write my personal opinion about all this, of course with respect for everyone who doesn’t think the same as me.

God is really popular and nobody can deny that, but of course there are two sides on the coin, always.

There’s one side that say “God is only for scare people trying to find hope in some way” and the other side says “Being Christian is not a religion, is a lifestyle that changes everything in your life.”

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I am not going to talk about the catholic people, I am going to talk about the evangelical Christian people, who are VERY different, trust me.

God is the principal character of the bible; he is the one who connect every story in the bible. But the bible since day 1 start like a book where you can guide your life and all the stories were real.

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There’s exists preachers who every day find another meaning for the same stories! And that’s maybe one of the reasons why the bible is the most selling book in the entire history.

God is described like someone who you can’t see, who is kind and full of love but of course if you read the bible he can be mad or disappointed sometimes when some character of the bible thinks that everything they got at the end is for them or they search for another goddess when God doesn’t give what they want.

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When Christian people talk about god, mostly they said “you can feel it, in your heart, inside you.” But there’s not proved that he is “real” in her words, like “how can I feel it inside me? How can I feel it?” and pray is something that people think “How can you know you are really talking with someone?

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Here some answers.
Well, you can know God is real by passing time with him like going to church minimun once a week, listen to some preacher talking about him, hearing songs about him or even praying honestly to him, you are going to feel something and going to know what it is.

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Please don’t expect that he is going to talk, like “god talk to me if you are real” and poetically in the wind you hear “hi, I am god”. It doesn´t happen like that, we wish but no.

If you don’t make effort to passing time with him, why he will do?

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Well maybe he is giving you signals because you keep reading this article.

In my opinion pray is the best way for trying to find god, because is the most personal thing cause you are not afraid of talking about bad things you did, or what you think about him. Cause god knows everything in your life, he choose you even before you were in the womb of your mother

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Really! Just read: Jeremiah 1:5

But the other thing I really recommend is listening to some preacher because you can learn new things about who you are and who is god.

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I sincerely recommend Dante Gebel, he is really good and funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsiYg2N8pqw&t=134s

So yes, in conclusion, God is someone you can’t see but you can search and find if you try, God is someone who doesn’t blame you or judge you for what you did. You really are everything to him and he will do everything for you to be happy.

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Thank you for reading this! I was thinking of doing more things like “what happen with the other saints and why God is the only real?” but idk yet, you tell me!

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