I just don't understand why I am like this. No one in my environment seems to have the same problems like me. Everyday i stand up, I go out and I am breathing. I am proud of this little things but no one can see this. Everyday the same questions: Why don't you talk more? Why do you look so anxious? Why are you so distant?
Family, Friends and colleagues. They all have expectations which seem impossible to meet. I am never good enough. Everything is just too much right now.
I want to scream and let everyone know what I am feeling, and what is going on in my head. But my body is the only thing which is Screaming. Everything is aching. However there is no one who would understand. No one who can help me.
How long do I have to wait till the fog clears up? How can I stop myself from destroying me? Tell me if it is curably or will I feel like this forever

Just needed to share my thoughts. Just once.