hi ! i'm currently watching new girl & thought it would be fun to do this tag (:

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favorite movie // the disaster artist

artist, disaster, and james image Brotherhood, franco, and james franco image
i love this movie so much ! it stars so many of my favorite actors/actresses and it's such an interesting story. it's based on "the room" (the best worst movie of all time) with tommy wiseau.

last movie i watched // guardians of the galaxy

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such an amazing and funny marvel movie.

guilty pleasure movie // we're the millers

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this is definitely up there for my movie faves. it's so funny and i can never get tired of it.

favorite classic movie // the breakfast club

gif and The Breakfast Club image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image
a classic high school comedy.

favorite romance movie // crazy rich asians

feminist and crazy rich asians image crazy rich asians image
this movie truly changed hollywood. it was the first movie with an all asian cast and the plot was simply amazing. it had such a different take on romance.

favorite childhood movie // lilo and stitch

disney, lilo, and lilo and stich image Image by bunnymarvelo
my brother and i grew up constantly watching this movie and im so glad we did. it's super entertaining and shows the true meaning of family.

a movie i dislike which everyone likes // pitch perfect

Image removed pitch perfect image
it wasn't horrible, but i expected it to be amazing after hearing so many good reviews about it after the release

movie with an actor i love // this is 40

debbie, paul rudd, and pete image Temporarily removed
paul rudd is one of my favorite actors of all time and his character in this is 40 is great ! this movie is hilarious and always keeps you interested.

a movie i have mixed feelings about // captain marvel

Marvel, carol danvers, and mcu image captain marvel, Marvel, and brie larson image
in my opinion, captain marvel was a necessity for learning more about the tesseract & the Kree/Skrulls. Other than that, it was a pretty surface level film.

favorite movie soundtrack // the greatest showman

zac efron, the greatest showman, and hugh jackman image aesthetic, magic, and magician image
one of the best movies that released in 2018. so many meaningful messages throughout the story and every single song is beautiful.

movie from the year i was born // finding nemo

anime, dory, and pixar image Image removed
another one of my childhood favorites ! so visually pleasing and a great storyline.

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