I used to create.
Write. Sing. Draw. Play instruments.

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Adulthood is showing

Lately, I've been meeting a lot of new people which I am really thankful for but I realized that all of these people (who are approx my age) are all dreamers in one way or the other.

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Now that I'm almost done with my studies and the question of what I should do torments through my body I've been really interested in people profession, their income, and their general happiness.
And the universe is sending singers, photographers or confused students my way who are still creators of some type of art in one way or the other.
I'm very thankful for that because my lack of creating things has made me numb.
Not only numb but I feel like I'm my biggest critic.
I don't allow myself to create something for the sake of creating it.
It has to be perfect so that one day if I chose to publish it, it will be successful.
That's probably why I stopped writing creatively and even here on weheartit for a while.

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I just wonder what my 14-year-old self would think about me now.
What would she think about my choices and friends and life situation in general?
I think she'd be proud of my confidence but at the same time pretty fucking mad about the fact that I am an "adult" who can do "anything" but still decides to lay in bed all day.

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dear 14 year old me:
I will be better.
I will create more.

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