More than an hour ago, less than a day, my relationship just ended. The reason behind it was because he couldn't balance us with his life, and I caused him too much stress.

There's somethings I wish he'd put for me, maybe a little bit more effort. I keep remembering the memories we had together, but now I'm realizing how unhealthy it was between him and I.

We were in love, but we lost it naturally. I think we stayed due to the fact of the memories lying around, or maybe we both stayed for the sex, the kisses, the gifts.

I think I loved him more than I loved myself, and I need to just let that go. So, whoever is reading this that has a boy in mind that they aren't over, it's going to take a while.

It's gonna take patience, and time. It's gonna be a roller coaster ride, you just have to only go up instead of down.

Don't listen to sad, "I miss you," music. Realize that you have value, and you are worth something. You are Miss Movin' On, and keep it that way. It takes time, it will get better. You have your whole life ahead of you, and be the badass you are. You got this and you have full control on your life.

You can't control the events that happen to you, but you can control how you want to react to it.

So, advice of the day: be the bigger person, and learn how to love yourself. Show him/her what's missing. Walk it, and talk it. You got this girl, release your inner bad-ass!

Logging off,
Abby :)