if Lyse from "the place we made" released an album

genre: indie rock
inspiration: feelings of betrayal and loss, love and lust no matter what
length: 5 songs

Image by tenderlygirl aesthetic, eyes, and love image hair, girl, and hairstyle image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

one-way ticket

aesthetic, blond, and cigarette image girl, female, and lonely image
"this is a one-way ticket to hell, I know, as he puts his ring in the back of the dresser drawer"

slow dance

coffee, tea, and mug image Temporarily removed
"taking it morning by morning, a slow dance as time runs out"

california eyes

theme, rp, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
"I look into your california eyes and see whatever I want to see"


pink, glitter, and wallpaper image fashion, girl, and hair image
"vivid, vivid dreams, never gonna come true but they're part of me"


photography, vintage, and beautiful image Abusive image
"ashes to ashes until we burn the whole place down"