1. Dehydration

Without drinking enough water your body will struggle to function, leaving you with the constant feeling off being burnt out despite a good nights sleep. To beat this feeling follow the 8x8 rule, drink 8 8 ounce glasses off water daily. (2 litres off water daily.) If like most you struggle to keep on top of your water intake I suggest purchasing bottles that include measurements making you aware of how much you are drinking.

2. Carbs

A heavy carb-based diet is one of the main factors in feeling sluggish. Without the right vitamins, our bodies struggle to produce energy. The goal is to fuel your body rather than fill it as a long term solution to tiredness. Vitamins to decrease tiredness include Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.Some foods to add into your diet rich in these vitamins include Oatmeal, Kale and salmon.

3. Exercise

Surprisingly exercise contributes to feeling more awake. This is due to exercise making breathing heavier and faster, in turn, delivering more oxygen to the brain and blood leaving you energised. Easy exercises to fit into your day include walking, a 10-15 minute walk daily will give you the result off feeling more awake.

Thanks for reading! If you try any off these tips let me know how you got on ! :)